Celebrate the Queen's Birthday With a Stage Race

2021 News

!!! We have just been notified that community sport has been kyboshed for the next two weeks so sadly, the tour of off for another year!!!

At present, the current lockdown ends on 03/06/2021 so racing is good to go.

The Queen's Birthday weekend falls on the 12th to 14th of June. At this point we have tentative approval for racing at Warragul on the Saturday and Monday with LaTrobe hosting racing on the Sunday with one scratch race per day.

Confirmation of this will be provided shortly.

For 2021, a sprint classification is being held. There will be no KOM as the courses mostly flat.

Day 1 - Stage 1: 12:30m start. Shady Creek.4-6 laps

Day 2 - Stage 2: 10am statt. Hazlewood Pondage. 5-8 laps.

Day 3 - Stage 3: 10am start. Darnum. 6-8 laps

Grades are A, B, C and Women subject to numbers with a cap of 30 riders per grade.

Non Gippsland riders are welcome to join racing this year.

An entry link shortly and advertised here and on social media.

Entires will remain open until 5pm Wednesday 9th June.

Proof of current AusCycling membership will be required on the Saturday at registration. No proof, no race.

Presentations proposed for Frankies (to be confirmed).

To run the even successfully we also need volunteers. Please contact Karin Jones to express your interest.


Race Director: Karin Jones

Commisaire: Wayne Tunks

Tming/Results: Peter McLean

Queens Birthday Weekend

The Queen's Birthday weekend falls on June 12 - 14 in 2021.

Entry closes Sunday midnight the 6th June.

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